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Since 2001, we have transformed the agency worker recruitment strategies for the UK’s most well-known and complex logistics operations.

Making it simpler and more cost effective to hire temporary workers, so that everyone can get on with their day job.

This is how we do it.

ParcelPost Co* spends £32 million per annum on temporary labour spend.

Shaun Roberts, one of their depot managers, needs five drivers for the Saturday shift.

It's Friday.

Our Model

GRI's solution, powered by our e-tips® technology, has just been implemented at ParcelPost Co. Our model ensures hiring managers like Shaun Roberts can source the staff they need, when needed, quickly and easily.

The process starts when Shaun either puts in a call or email to the GRI team for all five drivers, or adds the request in a couple of clicks to our online e-tips® portal. e-tips® is even clever enough to identify the need from gaps in certain rota management platforms.

Whichever option Shaun chooses to raise the job alert, e-tips® sends an immediate notification to a senior budget stakeholder for their sign-off, (as the need for five drivers is a bigger temp headcount cost than usual for his depot for the time of year). Since the set-up of e-tips® is bespoke for every GRI client, this authorisation is an optional extra step which ParcelPost Co have selected. Strict internal SLAs ensure there are no hold ups, whilst still giving budget control.

Once authorised, ParcelPost Co's internal talent pool are notified of vacancies first. This talent pool is mostly made-up from semi-retired drivers that have worked for the company for years and no longer work via recruitment agencies. A branded e-tips® phone app allows the drivers to set their availability each week and the jobs display to anyone that has indicated they are available. When the notification comes out two drivers immediately book on via their app.

e-tips® updates Shaun via a notification that two drivers are secured for the Saturday shift. Once a certain amount of time has lapsed (determined by ParcelPost Co) e-tips® moves on to automatically alert ParcelPost’s first tier agencies of the remaining three vacancies. The vacancies also remain flagged to the internal talent workers just in case anyone’s availability changes.

Tier one agency charge rates  for supplying staff are ‘locked down’ in the e-tips®system at a fairer rate, this saves ParcelPost Co 5% on previous costs – with the opportunity to further improve cost efficiencies given the ability to promote the jobs to non-agency, talent pool workers first,  and continually, during the life cycle of the vacancies.

Transacting recruitment through e-tips®ensures ParcelPost Co budgets remain controlled, with the assurance that all temporary workers hired through e-tips® are paid market rate – as these rates of pay are also ‘locked down’ – whether they are talent pool or agency.

Importantly, no talent pool candidate or candidate proposed by an agency, can flow through the e-tips® system to Shaun Roberts unless their profile contains all necessary, in-date compliance documents. So Shaun knows he’s choosing appropriate drivers. He can even let e-tips® automatically book people on without his review if they are from a trusted source – like the internal talent pool for example.

Shaun Roberts secures all five candidates he needs through a mix  of three drivers from the talent pool (the first two that booked, plus someone who became available) and two drivers from the tier one agencies. The total time from vacancy alert to fulfilment has been just 90 minutes. So by Friday late-morning, having drivers on shift is no longer something Shaun has to worry about.

Although it wasn’t needed this time, there was a further safety net. If the requisite number of drivers hadn't been reached, e-tips® would automatically flag the job(s) to tier two agencies. As this is typically a more expensive option involving higher agency charge rates (a ‘distress purchase’) the GRI account team would then work to understand why Shaun’s jobs ended up at the most expensive fulfilment option, to avoid this happening again. For example, suggesting a recruitment drive to the talent pool.

Although the process from needing a worker to having all vacancies filled takes just a few hours, in-depth management information is recorded throughout the entire e-tips® recruitment journey. This guarantees ParcelPost HQ visibility and control of multi-million pound costs, better workforce planning/ forecasting and reputation management. e-tips® then manages the timesheet and invoicing of the drivers hired - with the option to integrate with time and attendance systems. So there's very little admin for Shaun. He receives a notification to his phone about timesheets and simply clicks to approve.


Every single piece of information entered in every field in e-tips® can be reported on.

This means that superior management information can be produced across any number of data variables. ParcelPost Co have access to all this management information through self-serve dashboards and reports on e-tips®

Dashboards our clients typically set-up display costs and reasons per hire per location or job category as well as fulfilment/spend levels.

This MI, coupled with regular reviews with the GRI account teams can then inform new solutions and strategies for Parcel Post Co going forward.

For example, if Shaun Robert’s spend on temporary drivers is far higher than other ParcelPost depots for reasons of consistent permanent driver absence, the GRI operations team can help provide strategic advice to Shaun and senior management to fix the root cause of the issue.

We can also help clients work-out where best to open their next depot or how to manage peak based on labour demand expected, labour pools available in various local areas and competitor activity/pay rates.

GRI's Influence

Our neutral vendor influence

GRI is known as a neutral vendor. It’s how, and why, we can transform your agency recruitment strategies for temporary and contingent workers.

A neutral vendor means we are independent workforce management experts, with no affiliation or association to the recruitment agencies that supply staff. This means we are not influenced by the agency agenda in our strategic delivery of a client’s key objectives and goals.

Instead we opt for, and have built, an influential voice across the UK’s recruitment sector as a whole.

We have contractual relationships with over 20% of the UK’s recruitment agency suppliers across the UK, and a track record of on-boarding 95% of an organisation’s existing agencies onto our model, pricing and way of working.

Established since 2001, GRI manages over $5 billion in recruitment spend. e-tips® has transacted over 2 billion hours of work and recently enjoyed a multi-million pound upgrade to ensure it maintains its place as a leading-edge recruitment software solution. With the ability to help organisations manage their own talent pools, in addition to improving the commercial costs of traditional usage of agency workers, e-tips®offers the ideal and easy to use technological recruitment solution for the needs of both hiring managers and organisations.

It’s why we’re the multi-award winning partner of choice to the UK’s largest and best known logistics providers.

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*Shaun Roberts and the ParcelPost Co example is a fictional composite case study based on the typical experiences of our client organisations and their hiring managers - please see our case studies for more detail. ParcelPost Co is detailed here for illustrative purposes only. Any resemblance to an actual organisation is not intended.